Is It Any Wonder

Bethlehem-starCan you hear it? The song of the season is being lifted as once again our hearts and voices are drawn to the familiar strains of ancient carols with a near-sacred reverence. The familiar refrain spills over into our stores and onto our streets with the reminder that we are not alone. Emmanuel, Christ with us, has come. Is it any wonder we join in?

I will leave it to historians and scholars to debate the exact route that Mary and Joseph would have taken or whether the actual nativity happened in a cave or a barn. What matters most to me is that He came. The very breath of God whispered in the form of a baby. Is it any wonder we listen?


A Strange Way to Watch a Christmas Special

After years of watching the ABC Country Christmas Special as a family, I admit it was a completely different feeling watching this year knowing one of our songs would be part of the program. Because the show was pre-taped a few weeks earlier, we knew it was coming and that Rascal Flatts would be singing.