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Dave Clark / Don Koch / Al Denson

Most people wouldn’t know because I’ve never talked much about it but for 19 years I dealt with a pretty rough medical condition. What started out as canker sores in the throat eventually took over the entire throat passage. While I never got used to the constant pain, I did come to accept it as a way of life. I don’t have space here to share the entire story, but there were a series of God moments. We heard about medicine in Guatemala. Had a doctor friend who “happened” to be going there who “happened” to meet up with the doctor and brought this medicine home. He said it might work in a couple of weeks and we began counting to 14 days believing God had a miracle.

The 13th day came on Monday, April 30th of 1990. On that day Don and I were set to go to Houston TX to write with a new artist on the Benson record label named Al Denson.

Because we had seen no change in the physical condition at that point, I was pretty discouraged and yet still trying to make a good first impression as a writer. That night was a night of complete surrender to God that if He had a different plan for me than healing, I would trust Him.

The next morning, May 1st when I woke up the throat tissue was completely restored without so much as a scar. The doctor told me the medicine on it’s own could not have accomplished that. It's hard to believe it was 1990 when this happened and to this day I have never needed another drop of that throat medicine. God did it and did it completely. Something else of significance happened that day in Houston. We sat at a piano and wrote the anthem that Al would literally take around the world. A simple melody… a lyric that asks a simple question… Will you be the one?


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