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Dave Clark / Don Koch

Recorded by 4HIM and co-written with Don Koch. In 1990, when the 4 guys from the group Truth decided to form the their own group, Don and I were blessed to get in on the ground floor of something pretty special. As they began to look for songs for their very first project, we wrote and pitched what we thought might work (even though their sound was still undefined). We knew we already had three songs (including two-co-written with lead singer Mark Harris) that were scheduled to make the final list.


On the day the group was headed to Nashville for final song meetings, the publisher from one of the songs already chosen decided to pull their song off the project in order to try and get a bigger cut. Don and I were writing that day in our little room on the 2nd floor of the the Old Benson Building at Great Circle. Andy Ivey, their A&R guy called down from the 3rd floor and said a slot had come open on the record and we had two hours to write a song to pitch for that last slot.


Without any melody or lyric ideas we went in Don's writing room and shut the door. He sat down and started playing and as was typical of the way Don and I wrote, his music literally screamed out words like, "Couldn't we stand to kneel a little longer." I wish I could say I had that idea stored away but I didn't. The music completely drove it. We took it upstairs about an hour later and it ended up being our 4th cut on the project that to this day is one of my favorites.


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