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Dave Clark / Don Koch / Randy and Denise Phillips

This song was recorded originally and definitively by Phillips, Craig & Dean back in the early 90s, Because all three guys in the group were great songwriters, when we first met them, I didn’t know what Don and I could bring to the table. From my perspective, it felt like we all connected immediately. The first project we got to work with them on was called Trust, released in 1995. I co-wrote three songs on that CD, each with a different member of the group.


Randy Phillips brought the idea for this song to us, and it seemed like the song itself came pretty quickly because it was more than a song, it was a journey we had all lived. Two favorite memories about this song both happened before the project ever came out. I was in Estes Park, CO at a music conference and got word that this song wasn’t going to make the project. The phrase I heard was that someone thought it might be too “church” sounding. I happened to be playing golf that day with a man named Stan Moser who was head of their record label. I told him what I had heard and he told me not to worry. In his words, “It’s not only going to make the record, it’s going to be one of the biggest songs of their career.


The other favorite memory is being on a trip with my late father to Texas June of 95. We met Dan Dean and his wife for breakfast at Denny’s, and sat out in his car and listened to the recording for the first time. It blew me away. The song went #1in May of ‘96, was nominated for Song of the year in ‘97 and in 2000 was listed as the #1song for the decade of the 90s on the CCM inspirational radio chart. Over 20 years later, the song still holds up and the guys in the group are still some of my best friends in the world.


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