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Dave Clark / Don Koch

Recorded by Charles Billingsley and co-written with Don Koch. The story behind this cut is probably as unique as any song I’ve ever been a part of. When Don Koch and I write together he writes the melody and I am the lyric guy. Through the years we have written so much together we have learned to anticipate what the other is thinking most of the time.


On this particular song, we had written a chorus but didn’t finish the song. Don was producing the record for Charles Billingsley and played the chorus for him and they agreed to record it. Fast forward a few months and my father was in the hospital with a staph infection. I spent every moment I could with him at Skyline Hospital just north of Nashville even though he didn’t know I was there.


My cell rang and it was Don. I’ll never forget the first words he said. “Dave, I know your dad is in the hospital and you’re where you need to be but I’m here in the studio with Charles and we don’t have verses for the song.” I couldn’t even remember the melody but stepped out in the hall and said, “Okay, give me the amount of syllables you need.” 1st line ~ 4 syllables. 2nd line ~ 4 syllables ~ 3rd line 10 syllables etc. My response? Father of truth ~ Lord above all ~ You are creator and we stand it awe.


He gave me the syllable count for both verses and I didn’t think anymore about the song till the record came out. I was absolutely blown away by this song that God had absolutely put the words in my mouth.


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