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Dave Clark / Don Koch / Dan Dean / Shawn Craig

Recorded by Phillips, Craig & Dean and co-written with Dan Dean, Shawn Craig and Don Koch. I'll never forget the writing of this song. The four of us met at Don’s studio and began to talk about this idea. The conversation seemed to be centered around a new movie that evidently everyone in the room had seen but me. It was called Saving Private Ryan.


They talked about the emotion of the opening scene of the movie. I was incredibly moved by their description and tried to capture it in this opening verse. I loved the song and loved their recording of it even more.


t would be many years later before I found out that Dan Dean’s father was one of the brave soldiers who defended our freedom in the Battle of the Bulge 70 years ago. It was January 7, 1945 when the 551st parachute battalion was completely destroyed. Only 112 men were left and Dan’s dad was one of the lucky ones. We don't need to wait for Memorial day to honor those who paid the price on our behalf. May we never forget that freedom is never free.


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