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Dave Clark / Don Koch / Mark Harris

This song was recorded by 4HIM. I’ve always believed great songs originate with great stories and this one is no exception. One of the groups we got to write a lot for early on was 4HIM. Awesome guys with hearts for ministry. Within a span of a few months back in the early 90s, lead singer for the group, Mark Harris and his wife found out they were expecting their first baby as did tenor singer Andy Chrisman and his wife and their producer Don Koch and his wife. Even though we were all close friends, they didn’t know that my wife Cindi and I had been praying for 12 years that God would bless us with a baby. Because my job as a lyricist was to write what the artist would sing, I knew, as hard as it would be, we were going to have to write a baby song.


In the fall of 1993, just before I left to go down to Mobile AL to write with Mark, I stopped to get the mail from my mailbox. That day in the mail was the January 1994 issue of a magazine called Herald of Holiness. On the cover was a picture of a baby looking into the light of a computer. Something about it compelled me to open it and read the article. The article began with the verse Psalm 102:18. (Let this be written for a future generation…) Because it moved me, I took it to Mobile and showed Mark. We ended up writing something different, but a few weeks later he called and said he couldn’t get that picture out of his mind. He said, let’s write a song called For Future Generations.


It was just about the time they went in to record the song, we found out we were pregnant. Due date was Nov. 12 (my birthday). For nine months we watched the song climb the charts. On November 8, 1994 (the day between her two grandad’s birthdays) (named after her two grandmothers) Allison Louise Clark was born. In a way only God could orchestrate, it was also the day For Future Generations went #1in the country. God is good!


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