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Dave Clark / Larnelle Harris

Recorded by and co-written with Larnelle Harris. I remember the writing of this song as clear as if it happened yesterday. It was back in the late 80s and Cindi and I were still living in our first home (which was very small). It was also the earlier stages of a friendship with Larnelle that has continued to grow through the years. I remember always being a little embarrassed by how small our home was and overwhelmed that someone like him was willing to come there to write.


This song came out of a discussion about the dangers of ever thinking we accomplish anything on our own strength. One of my favorite memories of the day was when Cindi came home later that day and he said he wanted to sing for her what we had written. He went for the big notes and we thought our windows would shatter. It was kind of a surreal moment to think that someone of his caliber was singing a bit of a private concert in our tiny little home. But then... that's what this song is about.


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