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Dave Clark

While most of these stories are about songs that have been recorded, this is one I’m assuming no one will ever hear. From the time I can remember, I felt like I was supposed to write songs and I have spent most of my life pursuing that call. In all those years, I can only remember one time when I didn’t want to write. The year was 2001, and It was immediately following 9/11. A lot of my friends were writing songs about planes flying into buildings, and I decided I wouldn’t be one of those writers. I’m sure a therapist worth their fee would have told me I was repressing the same fears most of the rest of the nation was. None of us knew if there were more attacks coming and the creative part of my nature just began to shut down.


I found excuses not to write and even tried to convince myself I was just taking a break. It was about two months later I was scared enough that I was willing to try anything… even if it meant writing about planes flying into buildings. I just needed to pick up the pencil and start writing, no matter where the song went; I needed to get it out and move on. I remember just writing… totally unprepared for where it took me. It started with:


There’s a December snow on the sidewalk

And the sky has turned a melancholy gray

And every street corner reminds me

Christmas can’t be very far away


 I remember looking down at the paper when I got to the last line of the chorus and could hardly breathe for crying. I will never forget the lesson this lyric taught me… Sometimes the only way out of the dark is to write your way out of it. It seems like everywhere I turn there is division in our midst. Isaiah talked about a Prince of Peace who would come, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Christmas.


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