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Dave Clark / Bruce Carroll

Recorded by and co-written with Bruce Carroll. The story behind it was true and happened to a friend of Bruce. Seems the father had cancer and knew he would not live to see his son who was on the way. Knowing he wouldn’t be there for the important moments in his son’s life, he wrote a letter to be given to him for the significant moments in his life.


The day he turned 16, the day he got married etc. I was so moved my the story and thankful Bruce trusted me enough to ask me to write it with him. It was even more emotional for me because when it was written in 2001, my wife was in her 8th month of pregnancy for our first son.


The opening line says, “I was an unborn child when daddy passed away.” Obviously it was not a lyric I would share with my wife. I remember her peeking her head in the studio at our house while we were writing to say hello to Bruce. She asked what we were working on and both of us immediately replied, “Oh, nothing much at all.”


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