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Dave Clark / Sue C. Smith / Lee Black

Recorded by the Blackwood Brothers and co-written with Sue C. Smith and Lee Black. It’s been a couple of years ago that we were between pastors at my church. One of the guest preachers that filled in on a regular basis during the interim was Dr. Mike Jackson, a professor at nearby Trevecca Nazarene University. During one of his messages he shared a story of how he told God something and it was as if God just stopped him in his tracks and said, “Oh No You Don’t.”


Unfortunately I don’t remember much else about the sermon but remember thinking that was a great song title. The next morning I was scheduled to write with Sue Smith at the Brentwood Benson office. I told her the idea and even though we both liked the sound of it, the direction to take it was not as obvious. Although it would have been easy to write a whole song about the things God doesn’t want us to do, we knew that wouldn’t sustain an entire song.


It finally dawned on us that a better angle would be to write about the things we think we have to do on our own that God is already doing for us like carrying our own burdens and fighting our own battles. We both started grinning and finished the entire lyric about an hour later. Lee Black, who is as good a writer as we have in our industry proved to be the perfect call to write music.


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