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Dave Clark / Karen Peck / Michael Farren

Recorded by Karen Peck & New River and co-written with Karen Peck and Michael Farren. This song was written September 22, 2014. I had never written with either of these writers but was a fan of both and was excited about the opportunity.


Karen walked in and she began to talk about the emphasis she had been placing on prayer and particularly the Lord’s Prayer. That’s about the last thing I remember about the process. It seemed like God took over and the next thing I remember, Karen was putting a vocal on the demo. It was an amazing moment that everybody in the room was aware something special was happening.


On the morning of December 17th I got a text from Karen telling me they were in the studio recording it for her new record. As it turned out, it would be the first single and the title cut of the new record which released April 28, 2015


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