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Dave Clark / Don Koch / Mark Harris

This song, co-written with Mark Harris and Don Koch was originally written for a Christmas project for the group 4HIM back in 1993. We were trying to think of a new way to tell the Christmas story and decided to try it from Joseph’s perspective.


Mark Harris had a brilliant idea of how to get there lyrically and Don did what Don always does. He wrote an incredible melody. In fact, after all these years even Don’s original piano intro has become easily recognizable. 

One of my favorite memories about the actual writing of it happened on the day they were in the studio recording. Back in that day before cell phones and internet, we had an old code-a-phone hanging on our kitchen wall. I remember coming home and checking messages, and there was one from Mark Harris asking if I would call him ASAP.


He told me they were in the studio recording Strange Way and just realized the second verse had not been written yet. I called him back and told him I would head that way and write the verse while I drove. When I got there, I walked in and handed him the words I had scratched down on paper while I drove.


The only change from that original draft was changing the word “baby” to “Savior.” I remember there was a feeling among all of us that it was a pretty special song but I doubt any of us would have dreamed it would have the longevity it has enjoyed. The 4Him cut was followed a few years later by a stirring rendition by Janet Paschal, and that was only the beginning.


Down through the years, it has been fun to watch the diversity of artists who have recorded the song. From the original Phantom of the Opera, Michael Crawford, who recorded it as a duet with Twila Paris to R&B artist Fred Hammond. From Disney artist Jump 5 to Southern Gospel’s Brian Free and Assurance. The only genre it had never landed in was the country music market. That finally happened in 2016, when Rascal Flatts included it on their first ever Christmas CD. Blessed indeed!!!!


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