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Dave Clark

One of the cooler experiences for me as a young songwriter happened in 1990. The late Norman Holland, who was head of Riversong Records came to me with an idea of getting all of his artists together to record one song. I’m not sure what I had done to earn his trust at that point but he asked me to write the song and co-produce with the late Eldridge Fox.


Norman wanted every one of his artists to sing a line or two by themselves in the verses and a mass choir of all the groups plus southern gospel radio DJs to sing on the chorus. Other than that, he said it was up to me. It was like putting together a big jigsaw puzzle where all the individual lines would be specific to the artist singing it yet hold up as a complete song that could stand on it’s own.


The day of the recording in the old Great Circle Sound studio remains one my favorite memories of what God has allowed me to be a part of through the years. Hearing a room full of my musical heroes singing my little song was about as good as it could get. All these years later, the last line of the chorus still expresses my heart… We believe in the song we sing. That’s why we’re here.


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