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This was recorded by Point of Grace and the story behind this cut is quite a bit different from the others I have shared. The year was 1994 and Point of Grace was one of the most successful groups in Christian music. They were in the middle of what would become an unprecedented run of 25 consecutive #1songs. The word on the street was they had just signed a tour partnership with an organization called True Love Waits and they were looking for a song they could record that would go along with that campaign. Because I knew a lot of great writers were trying to write that song and because I had never considered myself an industry insider, I decided I would use the time to write for other projects that were not as high profile.

It was just a few weeks before they were set to record and I got a call from John Mays at their record company. John was an old friend who had proven song instincts especially when it came to Point of Grace. He said they still couldn’t find the right song and asked why I had not written for it and then asked if I would give it a shot. I told him I would if he would send Shelley Breen from the group over to my office to talk about it. She and I talked for close to an hour about why the other songs that had been pitched weren’t right. I told her I would have something by the next morning. The next day I sent the lyric I could not have written without her input to her and John. Two weeks later they recorded the song on The Whole Truth record.


Several months after the record came out, I met John Mandeville, who had written music for the song when oddly enough, we were randomly seated next to each other at the Dove Awards. What made the lyric different than all the others??? It seemed like most of those songs were about waiting. I turned the perspective a little and wrote about the finding.

Trivia fact: Until the release of the album No Changin' Us, Shelley's co-write on this song represented the only Point of Grace member to have co-written a song on one of their albums.

Dave Clark / Shelley Breen / John Mandeville


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