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Dave Clark / Bruce Carroll

Recorded by and co-written with Bruce Carroll. Here’s the story: For the first 12 years of our marriage we prayed God would bless us with a baby. Like many others who share this ache, we chose to keep the hurt private. Even as we learned to skillfully dodge the questions, we longed for the day we could go in the room in our little home set aside for a baby nursery.


Taking courage in knowing we were not alone, I finally sent this lyric to my friend, Word recording artist, Bruce Carroll. He read it and said he trusted me but it didn’t seem like there was any hope in the lyric. My response was, “That’s exactly how it feels.” Over thirty years and three children later, I’m more thankful than ever for the rooms in my life that once seemed hopeless. They are now constant reminders of God’s faithfulness.


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