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Dave Clark / Danny Bunnelle

Recorded by Amy Fletcher and co-written with Danny Bunnelle. This was a pretty special cut for me that came out in 1984. The president of the record label called and told me that he had just signed a 12 year old girl to the label and needed a song she could record as a duet with the legendary Doug Oldham.


The goal was to have a verse that Amy could sing about trusting God with the years ahead and then have Doug sing a verse God’s faithfulness down through the years he had already lived. When the lyric was finished I called my friend Danny Bunnelle who put music to it. The cut was amazing and I became a fan of Amy in the process. The next year at one of the Gospel Music week evening concerts, Amy sang it as a duet with Ben Speer.


The real payoff for me happened about 25 years later when I got to sing it with my daughter Anna at our church. She was the 12 year old and I was the old man…


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