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Dave Clark / Don Koch

Recorded by 4HIM & and co-written with Don Koch. There is an interesting story behind this song. Even though Don Koch and I came from pretty different musical backgrounds, songwriting almost always seemed to find us on the same page… this song was the exception. I remember the day he first played this melody for me. I told him I thought it would make a great country gospel song. He disagreed and said he heard as something with a whole more edge to it.


I was so sure I was right that I told him I would write two separate lyrics to the melody and whoever got their version cut first would be right on the matter. The version I preferred was called Brother Joe and was about an everyday man sitting on the second row on Sundays. The version Don preferred was the story of Joshua that asked the question, “Where you gonna be when the walls come down?” It was a matter of just a few weeks when 4HIM recorded it and Brother Joe was never to be heard from again.


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