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Dave Clark / Mark Harris

Recorded by and co-written with Mark Harris. We have three kids and collectively this only happened just one time. Sam was three years old when he decided to take a sharpie pen and go to work on the door leading into the studio at our house. We talked about painting over it but my better instinct decided to keep it as a time stamp.


My only regret is that I didn’t think to write the date beside it. As with most of the cool moments in my life, it led to a song. The second verse is about our daughter Anna and how we measured her height on the laundry room wall every year the first day of school. 

I sent the lyric to Mark Harris who absolutely nailed the melody. He recorded it on his Windows and Walls project. One of the coolest moments for me was the night Mark sent me the final mix. I was sitting in the studio listening and looked over and noticed Sam sitting on the step, in front of the door he had colored on, listening to a song he had no idea was about him.


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